Fitness Mythbusters: Sweat = Fat Burn

Fitness Mythbusters: Sweat = Fat Burn

OK! Let's bust this! The myth is that If you sweat more that means you burn more fat.  This is not true most because you could be sitting on a park bench in 100 degree weather sweating.  Sweating is just a mechanism that your body uses to cool itself off.  Now...if your body doesn't sweat I would be concerned with your body overheating and that may be something you need to see your doctor about.  

What’s In Your Feminine Products…

Have you ever taken the time to think about the things that you’re putting into your body ladies.  I’m not talking about food but other things such as lotions and dare I say it….tampons.  Yes tampons!  Most women use them once a month and most women are unaware that the companies that make them bleach them with chlorine! What was weird was that I had never thought about that aspect of what I was putting into my body until I walked down the aisle of my local EarthFare and saw NatraCare.  They are a company that makes natural feminine products. [...]

15 Amazing Uses For Coconut Oil

Interesting Uses for Coconut Oil I felt this was necessary because a friend told me about how she uses coconut oil as a shaving cream.  At first I thought, she meant she put it into a shaving cream and she said no...instead of shaving cream.  Of course, my curious nature had to try that out and guess WORKED!!! My legs got a close shave and they were super smooth.  I will never by shaving cream again!   Therefore, this post is dedicated to 15 amazing uses for coconut oil.   Shaving cream: apply a thin amount (a little goes [...]

Fitness Mythbusters: Crunches = Abs

Ok, Let’s bust this! Doing crunches will help you get rid of belly fat… This is false to an extent. Getting a flat stomach starts in the kitchen. You have to eat properly to lower your all around body fat so that you start to show muscle definition. However, you have to do crunches and ab exercises in order to develop muscle tone and have something to actually show. Cardio is really good for lowering all around body fat so make sure you’re incorporating that too at least 3-5x/week for 30 minutes to see maximum results.