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Fitness Mythbusters: Sweat = Fat Burn

OK! Let's bust this! The myth is that If you sweat more that means you burn more fat.  This is not true most because you could be sitting on a park bench in 100 degree weather sweating.  Sweating is just a mechanism that your body uses to cool itself off.  Now...if your body doesn't sweat I would be concerned with your body overheating and that may be something you need to see your doctor about.  

Fitness Mythbusters: Crunches = Abs

Ok, Let’s bust this! Doing crunches will help you get rid of belly fat… This is false to an extent. Getting a flat stomach starts in the kitchen. You have to eat properly to lower your all around body fat so that you start to show muscle definition. However, you have to do crunches and ab exercises in order to develop muscle tone and have something to actually show. Cardio is really good for lowering all around body fat so make sure you’re incorporating that too at least 3-5x/week for 30 minutes to see maximum results.  

Discover Gal Yates

[TheChamp-Sharing] Discover IFBB Pro Gal Ferreira Yates! Instagram: @galyates Favorite Exercise? I don’t have a favourite. I love sports, Dance, anything that involves movement. Favorite food/guilty pleasure? Brazilian food , but I also like Lebanese and Jamaican food. Favorite super hero (male or female)? My mother and my dad Biggest Dream? I wish people would wake up to what’s going on in the world. Less selfishness, less war, less greediness, less social media and less bullsh…it . They are all distractions by the system to keep people stupid and away from reality.  People have been brain washed and they don’t even realise it.  I wish […]

Jazmin Fitness Runner’s Guide

[TheChamp-Sharing] Cardio is something that varies per person.  There are people who can run on a treadmill for hours while other may get bored after 10 minutes.  It is for this reason our Cardio Fit4Me is a suggested exercise routine.  As long as you stay within the Target Heart Range that we prescribe for the time that we indicate then you are good to go! Our cardio trainer is included in every program.  Just log in to see what we suggest for your specific plan.  Just remember that in order to lower body fat and get the 6-pack you want […]

vMarathon Motivator: Qimmah Russo

 [TheChamp-Sharing] Instagram sensation, fitness guru, and vMarathon Motivaor Qimmah Russo sat down with us and let us pick her brain about fitness and life.  Read what she had to say!   JF:  How did you get started? QR: It happened very naturally. I come from a family of athletes and I always played sports in school. By the time I got to high school, moms and kids were asking me to give them health and fitness advice. There were so many people coming to me for help and I enjoyed it so much that I made it into a business. […]

Aza Comics Superhero Fitness Challenge