vMarathon Motivator: Qimmah Russo

vMarathon Motivator: Qimmah Russo

Instagram sensation, fitness guru, and vMarathon Motivaor Qimmah Russo sat down with us and let us pick her brain about fitness and life.  Read what she had to say!


JF:  How did you get started?
QR: It happened very naturally. I come from a family of athletes and I always played sports in school. By the time I got to high school, moms and kids were asking me to give them health and fitness advice. There were so many people coming to me for help and I enjoyed it so much that I made it into a business. I was able to extend my services to the world through IG.


JF: What makes you passionate about fitness?
QR: Its a way of life that I have learned which enables me to help everyone to feel great in every way ..Mind, body, and soul. That is worth working for everyday, I love helping others feel amazing about themselves!


JF: Where do you hope to go in the fitness industry?
QR: I intend on having several wellness facilities around the world so I can help anyone who wants to be healthy and fit. I see the Q-flexfitness Team stretching all around the world.


JF: Biggest Dream?
QR: One of my biggest dreams is to help lower the % of obese children and adults everywhere in the world.


JF: How do you feel about lose weight quick gimmicks?
QR: I dont believe in them, it is a lifestyle adjustment to be fit and healthy. You get out what you put in.. There is no quick fix.. there is always a reason to stay healthy it should never be just for the moment.. Its all about really loving yourself enough to take care of yourself every day of your life because your health and life is so very important.


JF: Favorite Exercise?
QR:  Jump Rope haha


JF: Favorite cheat food/guilty pleasure?
QR: I dont think of it that way, if you eat healthy most of the time you can have something you really like once in a while, the point is not to over do it and abuse your body.. But I really like ICE CREAM!


JF: Best food for weight loss?
QR: Eggs whites or grilled chicken


JF: Best advice to people wanting to lose weight?
QR: Get your mind right first.. Know what you desire for yourself fitness and health wise and why.. Then make your mind up to make that change and never look back.. you wont ever want to be unhealthy again once you have arrived.


JF: Thing that most people don’t know about you?

QR: Im 20 yrs old Kiss, & on top of running my own fitness company, I AM a full time college student and athlete.
JF: Favorite super hero (male or female)?
QR: My mom is basically Wonder Woman, she is incredible!
JF: Upcoming projects?
QR: I will be launching my newest website which will be providing online coaching for people all over the world in November! Yay..

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