What’s In Your Feminine Products…

What’s In Your Feminine Products…

Have you ever taken the time to think about the things that you’re putting into your body ladies.  I’m not talking about food but other things such as lotions and dare I say it….tampons.  Yes tampons!  Most women use them once a month and most women are unaware that the companies that make them bleach them with chlorine!

What was weird was that I had never thought about that aspect of what I was putting into my body until I walked down the aisle of my local EarthFare and saw NatraCare.  They are a company that makes natural feminine products.  At first I thought why on earth would that be necessary until I read the box and saw that lovely bit of information on the harmful chemicals that are put into the very objects we inject into our bodies.  The part of us that is the most sensitive and most susceptible to infection.

I was floored.

Did you know that manufacturers don’t even have to tell us what’s in them because they’re considered ‘medical devices’….scary!  So imagine pretty much all the harmful chemicals of about 4 plastic bags in your tampon or feminine pad and all of that is going in or around your vagina once a month for 20-30+ years. YIKES!

Well luckily there are brands who can help put a stop to that:

They all have natural chlorine free products perfect for our lady parts!  So next time you’re in your local health food store.  Stock up!

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