Fitness Mythbusters: Crunches = Abs

Ok, Let’s bust this! Doing crunches will help you get rid of belly fat… This is false to an extent. Getting a flat stomach starts in the kitchen. You have to eat properly to lower your all around body fat so that you start to show muscle definition. However, you have to do crunches and ab exercises in order to develop muscle tone and have something to actually show. Cardio is really good for lowering all around body fat so make sure you’re incorporating that too at least 3-5x/week for 30 minutes to see maximum results.  

Fitness Mythbusters: Eating less…

Ok, Let’s bust this! Eating less makes you lose weight fast… This is true because when you burn more calories that you consume you will lose weight. However, Eating less will also slow your metabolism so eating less will only make you lose weight up to a certain point. We recommend you eat more. That’s right eat MORE! But eat more of fruites, vegetables, whole grains, protein, etc. which are all metabolism boosters. They help you be able to eat as much as you want and still lose weight. They also help you control your hunger.

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