Discover Gal Yates

Discover Gal Yates


Discover IFBB Pro Gal Ferreira Yates!

Instagram: @galyates

Favorite Exercise? I don’t have a favourite. I love sports, Dance, anything that involves movement.

Favorite food/guilty pleasure? Brazilian food , but I also like Lebanese and Jamaican food.

Favorite super hero (male or female)? My mother and my dad

Biggest Dream? I wish people would wake up to what’s going on in the world. Less selfishness, less war, less greediness, less social media and less bullsh…it . They are all distractions by the system to keep people stupid and away from reality.  People have been brain washed and they don’t even realise it.  I wish human beings would start respecting and protecting Nature and the planet. I wish human beings would stop being the biggest virus in the planet and become better creatures in order to deserve a better world.


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